Not your typical Accident Case Lead Generation…

We Cost effectively deliver fresh accident cases through our Unique process for doctors or attorneys throughout the US.

Our Team of Experts will build and manage your Accident Lead Machine with Exclusivity to your Market.

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Accident Leads Delivered to You

We find people who are recently in an Accident and Searching for their Accident/Police Report. We scrub these leads who ASK for an Attorney to Call them for Assistance. We handle the Report side of business,

You Call On and Close your services.

Exclusive Access to Your Region

Our program targets around 3.5 million people per region.

Dedicated Google Ads Team

Our team of Google Ads experts are all ex-Google employees. 

All Leads Sent to You In Real Time

Leads captured at the beginning of the accident process.

Data Driven Platform

We improve our platform based on data and facts, not guesswork.

Live Data Dashboard

Coming soon, compare your live stats to other regions across the nation.

Fully Legal and Ethical

Our platform is legal and ethical. Only leads who give permission to being contacted are.

So How Does it Work?

We are cost effectively doing this by targeting people at the start of their accident process who are looking for their accident report. As such we get click through costs of a dollar or two per click compared to the higher competition accident keywords that can even cost hundreds of dollars per click! We have made our campaigns extremely efficient.

What we do is geo target using Adwords and apply your campaign funds to bring ads up for people looking for their accident reports. Our Adword experts continually tweak, monitor and manage your campaign.

No other client will be in your region giving you exclusive access to this region. Your ads will have 100% of the market share for the keywords that we have optimized for.

Your lead comes through to your landing page and fills in the form requesting information for their accident report. As soon as they hit submit, they are emailed (and texted to you if you provide a cell phone number).

If they answer Yes to a qualifying question, (for example, would you like to speak to a network attorney?), they become a Yes lead and you may contact them. If they say no, you cannot.

All is not lost on those who say no. We follow up over the following few days to encourage them to say yes for help with their accident. If they respond Yes to any of this communication, they will instantly be emailed and texted to you for you to contact.

It’s that simple.

We send you monthly reports showing you a summary of how many yes leads you get, the cost per lead and we also show you data our national data to see how well your campaign is working.

All decisions we make on our platform are based on the data we collect. There is no guessing.

This system works. It is continually being improved and tweaked. We act on data we see each month and test frequently to search for other opportunities all with the aim of improving the number of Yes leads to your firm or practice.

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We have 112 regions total available across the nation.
See if your region is still available.

Let Us Take the Stress from You

We all know that Online Lead Generation is Expensive, Messy and difficult to maneuver as well as Trust.

We do Business on DATA and DATA Alone, Not with a hope and pray mentality.

See our example below which is purely data driven and transparent…

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Take this Example…

Based upon a 3.5 Million Population base (which is our average targeted location region)

  • $1,200 Cost per 1 Million / Month (Campaign Funds + Service Fee)
  • 3.5 x $1,200 = $4,200 / Month (Campaign Funds + Service fee)
  • 12 x $4,200 = $50,400 / Annual Cost All In

Our Platform Delivers a $64 per YES Lead Acquisition (Yes Leads ASK you to Call Them)

Our National Closure Rate is 10%.

With an Annual $50.400 Advertising Budget, here’s what you can expect….

  • 294 Yes Leads Asking You to Call Them
  • 29 Closed Leads

With a Minimum of $5,000 settlement fee (yours may be more), you can expect….

$145,000 in gross Revenue

Leaving you with a Net Profit for the year of $145,000 – $50,400 = $94,600.

Maybe your settlement fee is higher, in which case your ROI would be even greater!

Check out our pricing calculator. Enter your PI case value and see what you can expect your ROI to be.



In summary, for a 3.5 million population region, based on a $5,000 case value you can expect to see numbers similar to this:

Closed Leads Per Year

Monthly Profit In Excess of

Here’s What You Get

Landing Page

Your own dedicated landing page to capture your leads.

AdWords Management

You own personally managed AdWords campaign exclsuively targeting your region. Managed by ex-Google employees!

Monthly Reports

Monthly reporting showing how well your campaign is running.

In a Nutshell…

What do You Get?

  • Exclusive access to your region
  • Dedicated Google Ads team (ex-Google employees)
  • Filtered leads for you to contact and close
  • Leads captured at the beginning of the accident process
  • Data driven platform
  • Live data dashboard (coming soon)
  • Monthly reports
  • Customer support
  • Fully legal and ethical
  • Build your PI
  • Increase & strengthen your relationships with PI attorneys*
  • Data proven extensive ROI
  • Build your lists of emails
  • Show local Attorneys that You are ‘doing your part’ and spending Money to Increase Cases*
  • Build your list of emails of “yes and no” prospective clients / patients to market your facility in your region
  • Doesn’t take much of your time
  • Increase the number of PI’s into your practice because you are referring cases out
  • Exclusivity to Your Region

    ROI Expectancy? (based on 3.5 million people targeted)

    • (10%) Average ‘YES’ Leads  Closed
    • 29 Closed Leads
    • $50,400 Outlay $4,200 / Month)
    • Profit  $94,600 Year  ($7,800 / Month)
    • 7 Closed Leads in One Year to Break Even

    And hundreds of Yes leads every year for you to close!


    Quit wasting time in your practice waiting for the ‘Waves’ in new business, Our Platform Works and will remain Consistent.

    He who’s willing to Write the Check, Always wins (especially when Data tells you so.)

    Learn how one of our long term clients has benefited from membership with Accident Records.

    Let's Work Together!

    Want to learn more? Why not schedule a Discovery Call so we can talk?

    We do encourage all clients to speak with us prior to claiming their region to ensure we are both a good fit for one another.

    Answers to Your Questions

    What Does the Membership Include?

    Your subscription secures your lead generation platform specific to your region(s) with our global and branded expertise. Our unique business and lead generating machine enables a far lower CPC for all its members as a whole.

    Our goal is to get your monthly campaign spend down as much as possible while keeping the volume of quality leads coming to you as high as possible.

    ARUS has a number of future enhancements in the process to expedite and enhance your user experience

    How Soon Will I See Results?

    Good question, and it will largely depend on your location. This whole set up must be approached as a long term strategy (optimally 6 months) to build up SEO in your region. If you are looking for quick return on investment, this probably isn’t for you.

    This Model Works and aside from grassroots PI Marketing, No other program will give You Legal Permission to contact Fresh Accident Leads like this.

    Our Ads guys say that it takes a good month or two for a campaign to be fully settled, but you will start receiving leads quite quickly.

    Will I Be Paying for Other People’s Advertising then?

    Absolutely Not. Every campaign will have its own Ad budget based upon their specific region. Your campaign is Your campaign and no one else’s. Your Ad budget is Your Ad budget and no one else’s.

    At the beginning of each month when we generate our reports, one of the metrics we present is your monthly Ad spend.

    Why are the Regions Set Up This Way?

    Every region contains roughly the same number of people. For some rural areas, this will obviously mean that some areas are geographically larger than others in order to have the same volume of people. This means that some regions could actually be States. Looking at you Alaska!

    Is This Legal in My State?

    We have taken every measure possible to assure legality, however we do encourage every client to confirm with their state bar association for full peace of mind.

    Let's Work Together!

    Want to learn more? Why not schedule a Discovery Call so we can talk?

    We do encourage all clients to speak with us prior to claiming their region to ensure we are both a good fit for one another.

    Live Analytics & Reporting

    We base our decisions on every campaign on live data we continually get from our system. This data will soon be made available to you as our client for you to look at and compare to other regions in our system.

    You will be able to see number of leads coming in, number of leads giving you permission to call, the cost of each lead acquired and much more. Compare your stats to the national average.

    We also send out monthly reports giving you all pertinent information on your campaign in one easy to read report including ad spends and more.

    And remember, our experts are ex-Google Ads employees. We are utilizing their expertise and their insider knowledge of how Google operates and applied to your campaigns. What more could you want? Accident lead generation experts with the knowledge of how Google Ads works!

    See if Your Location is Available

    We have 112 regions total available across the nation.
    See if your region is still available.