Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission statement

We change the lives of Personal Injury Attorneys across the country for the Better… by way of hand delivering them fresh accident cases…Efficiently, Effectively, and Affordably.

We take 60% of profits on a monthly basis back into research and development in order to strengthen your value as a customer for many years to come.

What is it?

We decided to get very creative and compete in the personal injury market working smarter and not harder. We have created a proven, legal, effective and affordable system which accident victims give you permission to contact them right after their accident.

Once you’ve signed up and secured your region within our site, we will set up your region specific landing page and quality lead generation form including the email address where you want the leads sent to. We will also create your online advertising campaign through our On Premise Google Adwords Professionals.

In summary:

  • We build a customized “Bucket” for You which encompass’s  your region to acquire these fresh accident cases.
  • Potential clients search for their accident report,….
  • We invite them into your bucket…..
  • We ask the right questions…..
  • We assist them in getting their report (which is why they initially went to Google in the first place)
  • We ask if they were if they would like to speak to an Attorney…. (Yes or No)
  • These “Yes” leads are immediatley delivered to Our clients  in box…..
  • Our Clients Immediately Call these fresh Accident Victims (with Their Permission)
  • Client “Closes” lead
  • Client is Happy
  • Accident Victim Happy
How Much is it?

Your monthly subscription is priced based on the number of people per location that your campaign will target. While we try to have a similar number of people per location (around 3.5 million, although some locations contain a higher number of population targeted and some fewer. For example, our region CA10 Los Angeles has a population of some 12 million or so and is significantly higher in cost than DE1 Delaware which as an entire region only has a little more than half a million people).

This is the fairest and most logical way to base our pricing. The price per million population targeted is $1200.

Please note that we synchronize all accounts so that all payments will be made on the 1st of the month. This is to enable us to synchronize ad spends properly to Adwords and provide you with accurate reporting costs that are properly aligned. Your first payment will be pro-rated. So if you sign up on the 15th of the month, you will pay 50% of the normal subscription rate and then on the 1st of the next month, your full subscription rate will be collected.

Cost Summary

  • What are my actual Costs to be a member in your platform?
  • $1200 per month per million population targeted.
  • Subscription fee including monthly membership and your Adwords campaign funds.
  • If you begin In-Between our 1st Billing cycle, then your First payment will be pro-rated.
    All of our payments are safe and secure through PayPal.
Will I Be Paying for Other People’s Advertising then?

Absolutely Not. Every campaign will have its own Ad budget based upon their specific region. Your campaign is Your campaign and no one else’s. Your Ad budget is Your Ad budget and no one else’s.

Why are the Regions Set Up This Way?

Every region contains roughly the same number of people. For some rural areas, this will obviously mean that some areas are geographically larger than others in order to have the same volume of people. This means that some regions could actually be States. Looking at you Alaska!

What Does the Membership Include?

Your subscription secures your lead generation platform specific to your region(s) with our global and branded expertise. Our unique business and lead generating machine enables a far lower CPC for all its members as a whole.

Our goal is to get your monthly campaign spend down as much as possible while keeping the volume of quality leads coming to you as high as possible.

ARUS has a number of future enhancements in the process to expedite and enhance your user experience.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Good question, and it will largely depend on your location. This whole set up must be approached as a long term strategy (optimally 2-3 months) to build up SEO in your region. If you are looking for quick return on investment, this probably isn’t for you. You can expect to see leads coming through very quickly though.

This Model Works and aside from grassroots PI Marketing, No other program will give You Legal Permission to contact Fresh Accident Leads like this.

How Many Leads Will I Get Per Month Or What Can I Expect To See?

We are a data driven platform and our nationwide data tells us that for every million people in a region, you can expect to see 7 yes leads per million per month. There is no way of being able to tell exactly how many leads you will see monthly, but it is important to be patient and understand that as time goes by, you can expect a greater outcome.

But remember, you will be receiving monthly reporting assuring you the lowest cost per ‘yes’ lead.


What Can I Expect to See in My ROI?

Based upon a 3.5 Million Population base (which is our average targeted location region)

  • $1200 Cost per 1 Million / Month 
  • 3.5 x $1200 = $4,200 / Month 
  • 12 x $4,200 = $50,400 / Annual Cost All In

Our Platform Delivers a $64 per YES Lead Acquisition nationwide average (Yes Leads ASK you to Call Them)

Our National Closure Rate is 10%.

With an Annual $50,400 Advertising Budget, here’s what you can expect….

  • 294 Yes Leads Asking You to Call Them
  • 29 Closed Leads

With a Minimum of $5,000 settlement fee (yours may be more), you can expect….

$145,000 in gross Revenue

Leaving you with a Net Profit for the year of $145,000 – $50,400 = $94,600.

Maybe your settlement fee is higher, in which case your ROI would be even greater!

How Do You Think that My Leads Will Grow Each Month?

There’s no guarantee that x amount of leads will do this or that, but as a company we stand by our data. 

60% of monthly revenue is put back into R&D in order to create stronger algorithms with our data.

This backbone of thinking is the foundation of our desire to increase your value as a member for many years to come. 

What Do You Mean By SEO and its Growth in Strength while "Piggybacking" over?

Just like how working out for 6 months compared to working out over 2 weeks, you grow stronger as time goes on. The more traffic your ad gets, the more popular it will become and the stronger it gets.

The advantage we have is that we have one Adwords account for the entire country split into regional campaigns substantiating much stronger results and is a tremendous boost for everyone piggy backing off one another. Don’t forget that our AdWords team of experts are also ex-Google employees who know the system inside out.

Do You Have Something that can Help Me See My Potential ROI if I Join Your Membership?

We have a calculator feature here on our site where you can enter your client value and see your revenue based on expenditure.

That calculator can be found here.

Is This Legal in My State?

We have taken every measure possible to assure legality, however we do encourage every client to confirm with their state bar association for full peace of mind.

How Do I Know if My Membership is Working?

Based on your monthly data report, you can determine for yourself what’s working or what isn’t, but it is very important to keep in mind that patience is key and having only a few closed leads could make all the difference.

What Does the Cost Per Yes Lead Mean?

This is a cost per lead in which a potential injured client states that they would like to speak to an attorney.

We averaged this out across every region and across the country.

Again, our team of Adwords experts are always trying to get this dollar amount down.

The question you should ask yourself is, ‘how much would I pay to speak to an accident victim who is looking for my help?

(Learn more about yes leads here)


Who Actually Handles the Adwords for You Guys?

We have a team of in-house experts whose primary function is to manage, maintain and improve the number of leads coming onto the platform.

Have you ever tried Adwords yourself in your business? It can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. Our Adwords guys are focused purely on getting accident victim leads into the system.

Why is My Region So Big?

Our data has helped us to build each region based upon approximately 2 million to 3.5 million to ensure value to our members.

Do I Have to Sign a Long Term Contract if I Join?

As per our contracts, paragraph 7 states: 

(7) The term of this Agreement will commence on the Effective Date and will continue for no less than six (6) months minimum. This Agreement may be terminated by i) Referral Partner Opting-Out (as defined below); ii) after at least six (6) months, Referral Partner providing thirty (30) day written notice to Referrer of its desire to terminate this Agreement; or iii) by mutual agreement between the parties, if Referral Partner does not agree to Referrer’s proposed change to the Pricing Schedule.

a. Opting Out: If after three (3) months after the Effective Date, Referrer has not referred to Referral Partner at least 6 leads per 1 million people in the region purchased by Referral Partner (see Example below), Referral Partner shall have the option to Opt-Out of this Agreement by providing written notice to Referrer.
If a region has 3.5 million people, Referrer shall refer at least 21 leads to Referral Partner within the first three (3) months of the Effective Date.

Can I Contact Your Attorney and Speak with them to be Certain this is Legal?

Absolutely. Contact us and request their information. 

Can I Speak to Some of Your Existing Clients Prior to Joining?

We take matters of privacy and client confidentiality very seriously, so we are not able to share client user information, but we are able to share live data with you.

Patience is key though, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

**Attorneys – Very Important**

Accident Records LLC’s Lead Generating Advertising Program is designed to get its clients in contact with potential leads.  However, it is entirely the personal responsibility of each client to confirm that this advertising program complies with the client’s particular State Bar Guidelines, including, but not limited to, any applicable advertising and communication guidelines.  Accident Records LLC is in no way liable for its clients’ participation in its advertising program, or any other actions taken by its clients that is not in compliance with its clients’ State Bar Guidelines.

**Doctors – Very Important**

This program is designed to get you on the phone with these fresh accident leads and IF they are Not in close proximity to your practice, your Go To Line is “Have you spoken to one of our Network Attorneys yet?”

This will allow you to make referrals to local PI Attorneys in Your Area.

Please review our Calculator so you can plug in Your PI Area Numbers to see if this ROI will work for you!

Want to speak to someone? Please schedule a time convenient to you and we can assist you.

Or check out our FAQs page for more info.

Note: All prices include subscription fee and campaign funds