So What is a ‘Yes’ lead?

A ‘yes’ lead is our golden nugget. It’s our home run, our touchdown, or goal. We get very excited every time we get one for one of our clients, even though we get many.

You can never have too much of a good thing!

Simply put, a ‘yes’ lead is a lead we acquire through our program that gives our client (you), permission to contact and help that person with their accident case.

If you are a personal injury attorney or a personal injury doctor, we want to get to know you.


Helping Accident Victims through the Process

We desire to help accident victims at the very beginning of their accident injury journey so they get the right advice and treatment as soon as possible. Our program targets that area of the accident injury process to help victims find the best help possible.

You are the key to this process. 

On Average Each Yes Lead Costs Anywhere from $40 to $70

Our platform generates on average 1 lead that says yes to being contacted for assistance in their injury case out of every 3 leads acquired. Right now, the national average per ‘yes’ lead acquired through our program is just $69.

Each lead is immediately forwarded on to you to contact and close. The more yes leads we send, the better the return on investment you get.

And it doesn’t end there. Our follow up system is specifically designed to help turn leads that might initially say no into leads that say yes a day or so later.


How Much Would You Pay to Speak to Someone Who Needs Help with their Accident Case?

We want to help as many people as possible find our clients so that they can receive the professional care and expertise required for a successful auto accident case.

We select our clients very carefully and speak to each and every one before we will accept anyone onto our platform.

Do you have what it takes to close leads? Are you a good fit for our program? Let’s connect and find out!

Schedule a Discovery call today to see how our platform can help YOU get
fresh, accident leads who want to be contacted about their accident.

In other words, ‘Yes’ leads.